Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Question for our Time

Margaret and I went to see the movie "Lions for Lambs" yesterday. It was pretty intense.

During one scene, Tom Cruise's character, a young Republican senator who is promoting a new strategy in Afghanistan, asks Meryl Streep's character the only question he thinks is worth asking: "Do you want to win the war on terror? Yes or no? Yes or no?"

I wish we could ask another question: why are we having a "war on terror"?

Or how about, how can we possibly win a "war on terror"? What would victory look like? What will victory cost? Who will pay?

Or how about, why has George Bush, arguably the stupidest, greediest, least competent president in a long long time, gotten away with declaring a war whose necessity no one seems to question? Why are we accepting his vision of the world? Has he given anyone any reason to believe he is clear-sighted?

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